15 August 2022

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It is a program that aims to use football as a tool for social transformation. Football is a game that can be practiced(with the necessary adaptations) by anyone. it serves to unite and link people of all kinds, regardless of their gender, economic level, race, belief or any other type of condition. In this sense, it is about involving as many people as possible in the country. The processes that will be developed in this plan will promote values of respect, enjoy, equality, and solidarity and promote habits of healthy lifestyle for young players.

The FAT will promote the creation of a double community. Furthermore, a community will be generated through the creation of a network of local entities that already carry out sports, educational, training or social work in the territory. During the first phase of the master plan (until 2022), the FAT will be in charge of directly organizing theactivities of the grassroots Community Plan. From 2023, the FAT will have a supporting and supervisory role in the activities in which local entities will carry out the main


To make this transition possible from a centralized model transition to a more local one, the FAT will train groups of volunteers and local respondents for the capability of becoming the leaders of each region. Thanks to this process, we will be able to reach out to many more people with proposals and are more tailored to the needs and characteristics of each territory/region. Moreover, an online community will be created through a platform that will connect and facilitate digital resources to coaches, clubs, families, and teachers.

The FAT is implementing this program in different phases with the following five main lines of actions:

1. Collaboration with institutions and involved entities (Thai Regional institutions and entities, FIFA, AFC, SAT, DPE), in addition to coordination with sponsors and partners.

2. Organization of specific educational courses for Grassroots coaches.

3. Organization of popular activities for a day or a week (for children between 6 and 12 years old and their families).

4. Organization of social activities for disables or citizens with specific necessities.

5. Organization of the football F7 League for children from 10 to 12 years old.

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